Nanya (nanya_hime) wrote,

Aiyaui Uso

Title: あやうい嘘
Author: Kitazawa Junko
Illustrator: Kane Hikaru
Publisher: Lynx Romance

Artwork: .


This is the sequel to Kiwadoi Kake and second in a series of four novels (completed). While I was listening to Kiwadoi Kake, I was interested in the relationship between Fuse and Homura (though they had very little airtime). I thought it would be similar to Freezing Eye (the hetare seme and cool beauty uke). Turned out it was completely DIFFERENT from what I expected *O*!!

This novel is divided into two parts. The first part is where Futaba had a stalker and the second part "Yasashii toke" is the story between Fusei and Homura. The first part is not too interesting (but leaves a very precious clue as to the relationship in the second part of the novel). I'll jump to the second part. I liked Fuse because I thought he was very sunny and cute (thanks to MikiShin) but turned out his true personality is far from that. Actually, Fuse, Homura, and Homura's twin sister Shiori were childhood friends. After Fuse lost both his parents, he was raised by the Homura family (who wanted to adopt him as a stepson but he refused). The Homura family always thought ultimately, Fuse would marry Shiori though (who's a great beauty but rather weak) and so girls from high school wouldn't even confess to him vv. Sadly, instead of the sister, he liked the brother (quite desperately). Like the rest of his family, Homura himself also saw Fusei marrying his sister as a "natural process" and even if Fusei was good to him, he only saw himself as a replacement of his sister. This made Fusei kinda lost as to how to get his love across. So, when Homura went to experiment sex with a senpai, Fusei couldn't endure it and raped him instead. Shiori dropped by at the wrong moment and saw that Fusei liked Homura and not her. She was so upset her illness got worse and she died. Homura never forgive Fusei and blamed his sister's death on him. He never allowed Fusei to sleep with him but lived at Fusei's place to "punish" him. He would also sleep around to forget Fusei's rape. Thanks to Futaba and an unwilling Asahina, the two finally overcame the shadow of the sister's death and decided to carry the burden of the sin together.


At last I've found a novel where the uke doesn't go mellow mellow after a rape! Bravo! I don't like Kitazawa sensei's writing style (a bit confusing) but I do like this story a lot. Although Fusei looked the more cheerful and normal of the two, Futaba noticed the "beast" side of him while watching Fusei at work from Asahina's car. Thus, all the impressions I got from the first CD was blown miles away (my fault for forming an opinion that early). I really would like to hear MikiShin's Fuse now... the change from the cheerful, lovely brotherly figure to a monster who would drug and rape his childhood friend. Another interesting thing is that though Futaba is closer to Fusei (technically), he actually learns about everything from Homura instead. That cold, emotionless Homura is actually the one who opens up the wound in his heart and seeks for change, not Fusei. Probably it's coz the story is told more from Homura's side, I seem to feel more for him than Fusei. Anyway, I think these two characters are quite interesting because they could have long avoided all the stupid sufferings (but I think it's better this way because what Fusei did was really wrong and he should be punished for his selfish act). Having said that though, it might be a better ending for him than to be forced to marry Shiori whom he only liked as a younger sister.

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